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Crazy for Kishore with RJ Amit Kumar

with Amit Kumar

Crazy for Kishore with RJ Amit Kumar

A one of a kind show, Crazy for Kishore features stories of Kishore Da narrated by none other than his son Amit Kumar. In this one hour show, Amit Kumar shares unheard instances, scandals and unreleased songs of Kishore Kumar. He also talks about the interaction of Kishore Da with some of the most important people in his life including his wives and close friends in the film fraternity!

A must hear for every Kishore Da lover, this show always leaves you wanting for more!

Here’s all that you always wanted to know about your favourite RJ Amit Kumar

Favourite Food

Fish Curry


Favourite Movie

Alfred Hitchcock Movies



Singing, Binge watching movies


What inspired him to be an RJ?

His desire to share his father’s stories with everyone


Favourite holiday destination



Bollywood dialogue that inspires him

“Pyaar Dosti Hai”


For your dose of Kishore Kumar stories and music don’t forget to tune in to Crazy for Kishore with RJ Amit Kumar, Monday to Friday, 10 AM onwards, only on 107.2 FM Radio Nasha in Delhi and 91.9 FM in Mumbai!

with Amit Kumar


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