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The Present is better than the Past

One of the greatest actors of his era, Jeetendra has a career that spans over 200 films, a feat that has been accomplish only by a few of his contemporaries, successors or predecessors. He rose to fame with the movie ‘Farz’ and his stunning, unique and vigorous dancing style won him the title of ‘Jumping Jack’.

In a candid tête-à-tête with Radio Nasha, the famed actor opened up to us on his views on his time in the industry and his modern day favourite actors.

Old isn’t gold, always

Jeetendra is one of those yesteryear super stars who have no qualms in admitting that the past did have its own share of problems. He told Radio Nasha that not everything that happened in that past was glorious and things could get extremely mismanaged as well. In his opinion, the present generation has become much more responsible in comparison to their predecessors.

Sorry but no please

Jeetendra confessed that during his active acting time not all things were pleasant. People in this country have always idolised actors and this trend was prevalent at that time as well. Some actors smoked a lot and the entire nation would follow their style of holding a cigarette. People would smoke or drink imitating their favourites.

Mirror, Mirror…look at them all!

Many things in the present times have changed for better according to Jeetendra. He strongly feels that the heroes today are better and give an entire nation much to look up to. The actors are disciplined and work on their fitness and their bodies. Be it Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor or Ajay Devgn, they have great fitness levels and have presented themselves as worthy role models. A lot of youngsters who look up to them, draw inspiration and motivation to take care of their well-being. Things now are much nicer!

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