Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty!
Freedom to live as we wish is prized above all! Imagine if we also had the freedom to shop for all that we want without worrying about spending a single penny on the same, even if it’s just for once!
On the occasion of the 71st Independence Day, let’s celebrate the grandeur of what it feels like and means to be utterly independent with 107.2 FM Radio Nasha and Ambience Mall who bring to you an opportunity to shop free from the shackles of hefty bills with ‘BILL SE AZAADI’!
Shop until you drop, because with the 71st Independence Day, we give you the equivalent percentage of discount on your shopping bills. Now isn’t that amazing?? Every year of independence counts and makes us feel proud of the nation; let’s celebrate the merriment of these fantastic years this whole month on Radio Nasha and Ambience Mall.
All you need to do is shop as much as you can at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon or Vasant Kunj and register with us by sending an SMS ‘RN’ to 54242. And we will take care of the rest!
*T&C Apply
*Campaign Dates – 1st to 31st Aug