Have you ever dreamt of being able to shop to your hearts content without having to bother about the bill? We’re sure you’ve always wanted that for once you should be able to buy whatever you may set your eye on at your dream store without a second thought!

The thought may seem farfetched but is not impossible! How would you react if we told you that this is now your chance to do what you always wished for!

Surprised?? Don’t be! If you’re an avid 107.2 FM Radio Nasha lover, then we will do anything to make your dreams come true and hey, this is just a beginning!

Ambience Mall and 107.2 FM Radio Nasha bring to you your dream shopping experience with ‘1072 SECS KI LOOT’. You have got precisely 1072 seconds to grab all that you desire and take it home, for free!! All you got to do is type ‘LOOT’ <SPACE> NAME and send it to 54242! The rest is on us!

*T&C Apply

*Campaign Dates – 6th June to 30th June 2017