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Filmy Calendar Show with RJ Satish Kaushik

Filmy Calendar Show with RJ Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik is an actor, comedian, scriptwriter, and a celebrity Jock on Radio Nasha. He started his career as an assistant director in the film ‘Masoom‘, and turned to directing famous films like ‘Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja‘, ‘Prem‘ and ‘Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain‘.

Satish is well known for his characters ‘Calendar‘ in the movie ‘Mr. India‘ and ‘Pappu Pager‘ in ‘Deewana Mastana‘.

He is now hosting season 3 of the ‘Filmy Calendar Show’ on Radio Nasha.

The show derives its name from the famous character ‘Calendar‘ played by Satish Kaushik in the movie ‘Mr. India‘.

In season 3 of his show, he is joined by his calendar girls, Radha, Rosy and Rukhsana! While Satish Kaushik picks a birthdate from his calendar and narrates the stories of stars born on the date, the calendar girls will be on a quest to trouble him as much as they can!

Not just that, this season will also see an all new rapper avatar of Satish Kaushik as well! He, in every show, will also sing a birthday rap!

Here’s all that you always wanted to know about your favourite RJ Satish Kaushik

Favourite Food



Favourite Movie

Mr. India



Cooking, Singing, reading about films


What inspired him to be an RJ?

This is a unique format of storytelling that is intriguing and exciting!


Favourite holiday destination



Bollywood dialogue that inspires him

Calendar Khaana Do


For your dose of unlimited ‘Cool Retro’ gossip, stories and music don’t forget to tune in to Filmy Calendar Show Season Teen with RJ Satish Kaushik, Monday to Friday, 7 PM onwards, only on 107.2 FM Radio Nasha in Delhi and 91.9 FM in Mumbai!


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