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The G9 show with RJ Divya Solgama

The G9 show with RJ Divya Solgama

RJ Divya Solgama, our very own Bollywood SPY brings to you a unique show, The G9 Show! Here you get rarest of the rare trivia, unheard songs; fun facts and super hit cool retro songs along with a special audio and video appearance by a film celebrity.

Every week the G9 Show features a cool retro Bollywood celebrity. The biggest of the Bollywood stars can be caught chatting with RJ Divya Solgama about their favourite ‘Cool Retro’ movies, songs and stories! Even the contemporary stars like Irrfan Khan, Zareen Khan, Deepika Padukone amongst many others have been a part of the show where they have talked about their ‘Cool Retro’ favourites!

This show is your one stop shop for trivia about cool retro Bollywood songs from 70s, 80s, and 90s that we can guarantee that you have never heard before!

Here’s all that you always wanted to know about your favourite RJ Divya Solgama

Favourite Food

Ghar ka Khana


Favourite Movie

A die-hard film buff & film historian who proudly owns a personal collection of around 6000-7000 Hindi films dating as back as 1913. Along with these movies there are many unreleased films, rarest of the rare songs, unreleased songs, regional songs and more than 3000 old film magazines that are his prized possessions.



Watching movies


What inspired him to be an RJ?

Has been on Radio since 2009 as G9 with his segments like ‘Copy Cat’, ‘Pehchaan Kaun’, ‘Judwaa Gaane’, ‘Regional Special’, ‘One Time Wonder’, ‘Super Se Ooper’ and most popular –  ‘I.P.L Songs’


Favourite holiday destination



Bollywood dialogue that inspires him

Zindagi lambi nahi, badi honi chahiye


You simply cannot miss this show if ‘Cool Retro’ songs and stories are on your mind. Don’t forget to tune in to The G9 Show with RJ Divya Solgama, Sunday, 4 PM onwards, only on 107.2 FM Radio Nasha in Delhi and 91.9 FM in Mumbai!


4:00 pm 5:00 pm


4:00 pm 5:00 pm